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Dr. Evette Yañez Psychological Services

Clinical Interests & Specialization

  • Treatment of Mental Health Providers: Aiding in minimizing burn out, counter transference, and compassion fatigue

  • Women in life transitions including divorce and "starting over", age related issues, caregiver burn out, dating issues, changing careers, children leaving the home, and body image

  • Managing work life balance

  • Fertility issues

  • Grief and bereavement (including of aging parents & grieving the loss of the parent you once knew)

  • Mental Health education in the community and family

  • Mental Health Training for Corporate Administrators & Managers (Mental Health in the Workplace)


About Dr. Yañez

Dr. Evette Yañez is a licensed Clinical Psychologist born, raised, living & working in Southern California. She received her Psy.D in 2005 from California School of Professional Psychology with an emphasis in Multicultural Community Clinical Psychology.  Prior to obtaining her Psy.D she began working in & volunteering for local non-profit groups such as Court Appointed Special Advocates, various rape crisis & domestic violence advocacy groups, and foster care & adoption agencies. Dr. Yañez has dedicated her career to understanding, preventing, and reducing psychological and community distress, as well as enhancing the psychological well-being of historically underserved, stigmatized, and underrepresented groups.

Dr. Yanez’s clinical experience includes various settings such as psychiatric inpatient, adult outpatient, prison psychology with the California Department of Corrections, Crisis Team 5150 Diversion Program Supervisor, Skilled Nursing Facility Psychologist and Private Practice provider.

Therapy Office

What is therapy and will it work for me?

Be the author of your own story

Therapy is a very personal process and people seek out therapy for different reasons.  My belief is that the therapy process is an opportunity for individuals to be the author of their own story and the ability and possibility to rewrite their own life narrative. I utilize numerous clinical interventions to connect with patients, including Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Psycho-education, Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, as well as other behavioral interventions & management techniques in the treatment of depression, anxiety, and various life transitions including aging, relationship status change, health issues, and career. It is my goal to break stigmas regarding mental illness especially in the culturally diverse communities in which I work.

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