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2021- 2022 Rate and Fee Scheduling

1st Session CPT: 90791:  $275 for 60-minute Clinical BioPsychoSocial Assessment with treatment plan.

Therapy Session:   $200 for 45-minute session.
Therapy Session:   $245 for 60-minute session.

If you request an Urgent session (i.e. can't wait until your next session), every effort will be made to accommodate your request. There is a $65.00 add-on fee for your urgency.

Psychological Report / Assessment: $275 per hour, 5 hour minimum

Includes BioPsychoSocial, Extensive history review (Life span development, education history, work history, relationship history, trauma history).

Clinical Supervision: $175 - $250 hourly*

*Depending on number of hours needed, hours already incurred, and reporting Board.

If you would like to schedule an in-service or crisis debriefing, please contact Dr. Yañez via email and provide detailed information of your business needs for specific fees. Please note that court appearances, in-services, and crisis debriefings will include travel fees and are charged at an hourly rate (with a minimum of 5 hours billed).

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